Public Liability Insurance is widely used amongst tradies because it protects you financially against claims for damages if something goes wrong while you’re at work. This could include damage to property or injury to another person. So what are the risks involved with not having Public Liability Insurance in place?

If you’re working as a handyman, it’s handy to have quality insurance to cover your business. Public liability insurance and tools and property insurance are two essentials all handymen should be covered for. This way, you’re covered against damage to third party property or a member of the public while you’re working and you’ve got security for the many tools you require to get your various jobs done.

If you've ever found yourself staring at the last few dollars in your wallet and realising that it's all you have left before you get paid in a few days, it might be time to think about putting a budget into...

If you are a plumber, you are exposed to any number of risks. You'll need to ensure that you have a comprehensive plumber’s business insurance policy in place to help sustain your business should a claim against you occur. Find out about the risks and the right protection to help you here.

Choosing insurance for your earthmoving or excavation business is a very large responsibility. Here we tell you our recommended insurance types for earthmoving businesses so that you can ensure you are fully prepared for anything that could go wrong.

Insurance for flooring contractors is essential to protect your business against one of the biggest risk areas in the trade industry – Public Liability. Here we unravel Public Liability Insurance for flooring contractors and discuss why third party claims can pose a high risk to your business with examples.


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