When you're not an employee, and you don't have a boss to fund time off through sickness or injury you need to take care of yourself. Join the thousands of Tradies protecting their income with All Trades Cover.

Personal Accident Insurance for Tradies

All Trades Cover's Personal Accident and Sickness cover ensures you can keep on paying your bills following an accident that occurs at work or even after hours. Whether it be playing football on the weekend or surfing before work, it doesn't matter when the injury happens.

When your running your own show you rely on you body to be able to make a living. Even if you don't have a family, you can only ask your mates to buy your beers and sausage rolls for so long before they start to call you a stingey bastard.

We will provide you with an amount up to your sum insured for 2 years following your injury. And you don't have to wait long. Just a couple of weeks and you'll be getting payouts each fortnight.

Illness Insurance for Tradies

And we cover you for sickness too! We are not saying you can get paid every time you have a runny nose, but if your off work for a few weeks for an insured illness then we will provide you with a fortnightly income to ensure, the rent or mortgage is paid, the car payments are met and the beer fridge is full.

It's all about ensuring you're able to maintain the lifestyle your used to regardless what life throws at you.

All Trades Cover Personal Accidents and Illness Cover, You've Gotta have it mate.

All information provided above is of a general nature, if you need specific advice we recommend speaking to a broker.

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