Let’s face it, not many of us like to think about what will happen when we die. After all, you’re busy living your life! However, it’s important for tradies to have a think about what affect your death would have on your loved ones and how they would afford to keep going.

Life Insurance can help protect your family financially in the event of your death and is particularly important for tradies who tend to work in riskier jobs.

Protect Your Family

If you’re one of the main breadwinners for your family, they could be facing a real financial struggle if you suddenly die. To give both you and your family peace of mind, All Trades Cover offers Life Insurance which will mean your family is taken care of financially.

Whether you’re single and fancy free or have a growing family, there is a Life Insurance product that’s right for your needs. The last thing you want is to leave behind a large amount of financial obligation for your family after you’ve worked so hard as a tradie to support them.

The Costs Add Up

It’s easy to forget how many expenses you’re responsible for but just some of the costs your family would need to cover include:

  • Rent or mortgage payments;
  • Credit card and personal loans;
  • Vehicle maintenance and petrol;
  • Education for the kids;
  • Insurance costs, such as health, home and car;
  • Groceries and other daily expenses.

This just goes to show some of the expenses which will continue after your death and that your family will need to deal with. Rather than let your family struggle, organise your Life Insurance today so you know that won’t be facing financial hardship after you’re gone.

Peace of mind

With Life Insurance, your family will get a set lump sum and will be able to use this money however they want. From paying off debt to putting the money in savings, there’s no doubt your loved ones will put it to good use.

The amount of money your nominated beneficiaries receive will depend on how much you want to be insured for and your own unique financial situation. Remember, with Life Insurance it’s best to take out a policy when you’re younger as it will generally cost much less.

Hassle free advice

At All Trades Cover, we know how busy you are as a tradie and we can take the hard work out for you by looking into a Life Insurance policy on your behalf. We’ll need to ask you some questions about your current circumstances but remember, the more questions the better because it means we’ll be getting you a more accurate quote.

Whether it’s providing enough cover for your family to pay off outstanding debt or for some additional funds to help with other expenses, All Trades Cover can help you out with the right Life Insurance product for you and your family.

Contact All Trades Cover on 1300 826 850 today to discuss life insurance.

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